December 19, 2011

Blog Roll Monday: See Kate Sew

Hello, Monday!

Did you all have a good weekend?!

One of my goals for the next year has been to learn to sew again. I say again, because I haven't sewn in years. In college, I sewed my own curtains for my then apartment. Yes, I was that girl who came back to school from summer break with her own homemade curtains.

My roommates didn't seem to mind. Anyway, I haven't done it since. I've had a sewing machine that was given to my by my Grandma that I've been hauling around with us every move.

A few months ago, I decided I needed to re learn this valuable skill that my Grandmother taught me. I knew the basics but wanted to learn more.

So what does any DIY'er do when they want to learn something new? Well, they turn to the Internet for inspiration and tools! Right!

I started searching for different blogs and videos to teach my different sewing techniques. I found this one, called See Kate Sew and I fell in love with her simple projects and instructions.

It was easy to follow along with her, and she's got great projects for beginners and some for more advanced people.

Click here for her list of Sewing 101 if you'd love to start too and learn something new. 

Her blog isn't just for sewing either, she's got great projects too.  Check them out here.

Happy Monday & Happy Sewing Friends!


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