December 30, 2011

{Top 10} Posts of 2011 & A Bloggy Review

Oh, hello there last week of the year! How did you get here so fast? I think it's true what they say about having children makes time go faster, because I definitely feel it.

SO many great and wonderful things have come out of blogging in this last year. I'm amazed and very appreciative. I love this online community here, I love the encouragement of other women that I am seeing all over blog land and how people are coming together to help one another.

It's amazing and humbling all at the same time. I love how relationships go from online to real friendships. A year ago, I met my friend Destiny through our blogs. A friendship that quickly grew from online to dinner in her home, to real life friends who hang out and do stuff. I appreciate her friendship so much and love that she's become a real life friend.

If I hadn't met her, our husbands wouldn't have met and my Husband wouldn't have the job he has now! It's amazing how God has a plan, and how things work out for his glory & purpose! I often joke that my Husband owes his job to my blog, it's sorta funny but really kinda true!

I wanted to review with everyone the TOP 10 Blog Posts from the year {as determined by the stats} and then review MY TOP 10, the ones that maybe didn't make the list but the ones that I loved writing the most, or the ones that meant the most to me! You can see last year's list here.

TOP TEN {by the stats}
1. Closet Series Jen from Iheart Organizing
2. Closet Series Megan from Honey We're Home
3. Ava's First Birthday Party
4. Simplify Wooden Sign
5. Cabinet Door Chalkboard
6. Closet Series Cori from La Vie Petite
7. Summertime Rosette Wreath
8. The Real Reason I'm Not Pregnant with #2
9. Board, Batten & Wainscoting
10. Holiday Comforts

1. Simplify - I started out the year with a word, and a goal! I'm happy to say that I accomplished what I wanted to this year in these terms.
2. Happy Birthday Ava - One of the BEST events of the year was Ava's 1st birthday! My first year of Motherhood complete, my thoughts for her recorded here.
3. Project Baby B - This post didn't get nearly as much attention as I think it should have, and was easily the most controversial post I've ever written. But sometimes that happens when you follow what the Lord has laid on your heart, people don't always like it. I am thankful to the many who donated to this project, for those who gave and to The Brookers who are such wonderful and amazing people who are now parents because of what the Lord has done!
4. Noble Character - a challenge to bloggers and everyone to be real and do good with this life they are living!
5. He Sat Next to Me - my encouragement to Mothers everywhere.
6. Catalyst - life changing events.
7. Summertime Wreath - my fave DIY project of the year!
8. Mine - a favorite that I wrote about my Husband.
9. My Trip to Minneapolis - fave travel post from the year.
10. Be Inspired Series - my fave feature that I was apart of this past year.

What do you think, did your faves make the list?

I've had a great journey this year blogging. I'm excited for what's next! I've got some great ideas about where I want to take this blog in 2012. My mostly, I want to do good always with this little blog. Is it to much to ask for the blog to change the world? Make it a better place? Provoke thought? Bring JOY and encouragement to those who read it? I think not, and that's exactly what I want this blog to be about.

Thanks for reading, commenting and making blogging so much fun for me this last year! I also want to thank other fellow bloggers for featuring Worley House in some small way this year. I really enjoy being apart of this awesome community, and you all make it so special to be apart of!



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