October 18, 2012

30B430: Do 30 Random Acts of Kindness on my Birthday

A while ago I saw a post on Pinterest which brought me here. I was so inspired by her post about spending your birthday on others and doing random acts of kindness to celebrate your birthday. I don't know about you but I think kindness, manners and doing good things is just a lost art. People don't take the time anymore to do nice things for no reason.

I don't know about you but I'd love to challenge myself to bring more kindness into this world. Not just on my birthday but everyday. So for my 30th birthday I thought I'd start there, I challenged myself to do 30 random acts of kindness and spread this love & joy to others!

Kindness is free, it doesn't cost anything either. I kept my list pretty inexpensive for this reason. I wanted to show that there are plenty of things that you can do to spread kindness and love without spending a lot. Not that it's wrong to buy things for people to be nice but there's always a time and place for that I think.

Here's what I did on my birthday to celebrate and spread kindness to those around me.

1. I started the day giving away a shop discount over at my Etsy shop.
2. Left a note for the mail man at the mail boxes.
3. Left several notes in the women's bathroom with encouraging words to women & mothers.
4. Helped a sweet Mom at Target put back things on the shelves that her rowdy toddler knocked down, she was so humbled that I offered to help her.
5. Took back some stranded shopping carts and placed them back in the cart corral at Target.
6. Placed a few quarters at an arcade game for someone to play.
7. Put a few more quarters in the gumball machines at Wal-Mart.
8. Stopped to tell a Mom in Wal-Mart who's kid was screaming & crying that she was a good mom and that she was doing a good job. She cried and said thank you.
9. Paid for a nice lady's drink at Starbucks. She was floored and didn't understand why I wanted to pay for her drink, when I told her I just wanted to bless her she said thank you!
10. Baked cupcakes and gave them to my Hubby to take to work for his co-workers.
11. Took my neighbors trash to the dumpster for them.
12. Left a few quarters at the newspaper stand for someone to buy a newspaper.
13. Held open many doors for people every where I went that day Target, Starbucks, WalMart, the restaurant.
14. Left a bunch of $1 off coupons for someone else to use in the baby aisle at Target.
15. Gave the UPS man a bottle of water when he delivered my packages.
16. Picked up trash around my apartment complex.
17. Wrote a stack of encouraging notes to my friends and mailed them.
18. Told the lady helping me at Dunkin' Donuts that's she's always positive & has a great attitude. Because she really does and every time I go in she always, always has the best attitude!
19. Made some online donations to some of my fave charities.
20. Let several people on the road go in front of me that day, which if you know Phoenix traffic this is almost unheard of. :)
21. Wrote a note of encouragement to Ava's daycare teacher.
22. Helped someone in Target clean up the aisle when they ran into a paper towel display and knocked them over.
23. helped my neighbor clean their patio.
24. helped a lady at the store carry her bags to her car.
25. made a few phone calls about important estate stuff for my sister to save her time during her day.
26. gave our waiter at lunch an over the top tip for his great service to us.
27. sent a round of encouraging notes to my co workers, these ladies are so awesome!
28. I also gave away a free photo session from my photography business.
29. donated some books and toys to our church.
30. bought supplies for our church nursery.

To find out more about The Birthday Project click here.

Completes #2 & #30 from the list  

*update* I have completed all of the 30B430 list, but it'll probably take me till the end of the year to update the list and tell you all about each one. Bare with me, I can't wait to share! 


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