October 4, 2012

A New Look & A BIG Thank You!

Hello Friends! Don't worry you're in the right place! Worley House got a little makeover last night while you were sleeping. I worked with the wonderful Danielle from TakeHeart Designs on this makeover. I've been following her blog for a while now, and when it came time for a re design I turned to her. She has the most wonderful heart, and if anyone was going to get my business it was going to be her.

I haven't redesigned my blog since early 2010 when I re did it myself. And I've always felt like there's "only so much that I can do." When it came time for a re design I knew I wanted things to be cleaner and simpler. Easier to navigate, and I wanted to add some features I've never had before.

Here's a little breakdown of some of my fave new features this blog design offers for you the reader.


A brand new header, and logo! And an all new navigation bar with everything nice and organized.


Something I really wanted to add was all my social media links in once place, so you know where to find me and how to connect with me. All new social media buttons will allow you to click on them and follow me on Twitter, Pinterest, Facebook and more! As well as contact me via email. Fun, huh?


And lastly, new business buttons on the side bar for my photography business and Etsy shop. As well as a new blog button that you can place on your own blog and share the love.

I'm so excited about this new design. I feel like it's more me, and a little more reflective of my style and who I am. And did you see the glitter? I told Danielle my fave color was glitter and she helped to make it part of the design! Isn't she wonderful!? BIG thanks to Danielle for helping to make the blog beautiful and organized! If you're needing blog design help she's your gal! She's really great to work with, communicates well and helps bring your vision to life. Visit her site here to learn more about her blog design work.

I'd love to hear your thoughts and comments about the new design! Happy Thursday everyone!


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