October 2, 2012

Searching for A Castle.


It's officially been a month now since we started the house hunting process. Or as Ava likes to call them "castles." Every week for the last month we've been heading out seeing multiple properties, putting multiple offers in on houses, waiting, and waiting some more for that perfect house for us to come along. So much so that they are all starting to mush together in my mind at this point. 

Waiting for an offer to be accepted. Then looking some more when our offer doesn't get accepted. 

It's been a long hard month of waiting. Truthfully, I thought we'd be under contract by now. I thought I'd be packing up my home getting ready to move soon. 

It's been a long process to get to this point for us. Three long years since we were forced to short sale our first home. Three years that we've been waiting, saving, getting things back on track to hopefully buy once again.

And now we are so close, and the Lord has us still waiting. 

This past Sunday at church the sermon was for us during this season of life. It was about waiting. 

So often in our faith we're found in a waiting period for one reason or another. But as I've learned through my life the waiting season is also a valuable time of preparation too. 

Something one of our Pastors spoke on Sunday was;

"Don't let the waiting steal your hope and joy for what God's going to do during this time."

So simple. So true. Waiting can steal your joy. It can make you feel hopeless and doubt can creep in if you let it. But, I'm reminded for myself and my family that there is good that will come from this waiting. As we're faithful and draw close to God he will reveal what he has for us in His timing. Never my own. 

So even though this season is incredibly time consuming looking at all these homes, putting in offers, canceling plans to go look at castles I know that it will be worth it in the end. All of this hard work will pay off. God has something amazing for us. 

I just can't wait. 


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