July 11, 2010

5 Hour Cupcakes

This past Saturday was my friend Jennie's bridal shower. 

I volunteered to make the dessert for her special day, she decided on cupcakes and since they are my fave anyway she didn't have to twist my arm to much to make them!

They took five hours to make since Ava wasn't really into napping that day, and so the process was much longer than anticipated. Totally worth it and a labor of cupcake love! 

I decided on two recipes for the day. 

The first were chai latte cupcakes, in honor of Jennie's much love for Starbucks Spice Chai Iced Lattes. Adapted from this recipe.

These next little beautes were in honor of her pink, brown and white themed shower! 

Made with rasberry frosting in honor of our rasberry colored bridesmaid dresses, adapted from this recipe.
They were delish, and a big hit!

Be Creative Challenge
Week #24


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