July 15, 2010

Anniversary Week III: By the Numbers

3 is the number of places we've lived since we got married 3 years ago. (yes, we've moved every year, and yes I know that's annoying.)

1 the number of pets that dwell at the Worley House.

1097 are the number of days since our wedding!

4 are the number of fights we've had over building furniture together (but who's counting)

16 are the number of attendants at our wedding.

2 is the number of flower girls at our wedding.

45 is the number of people that RSVP that didn't show up to our wedding.

2083 is the number of our current apartment.

5 is the number of times I was a bridesmaid before I was a Bride. 

3462 was the number of our first house together.

6 is the number of times Orion's been peed & pooped on since Ava was born.

14 is the day we got married!

2007 is the year we got married!

7 is the month we got married in!


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