July 12, 2010

Anniversary Week III: Gift Ideas

As we kick off anniversary week here at the Worley House, I thought it would be fun to take a look at some possible cute gift ideas. I took the liberty to put together a little sampling of some ideas one for her and one for him. 

The traditional gift for the third anniversary is leather. 

This awesome leather bracelet for a man is from Juliethefish's Etsy shop. I've actually been eyeing this for a while and it's actually what I'm getting Orion for our anniversary. Shhh....don't tell. Instead of putting a name in the silver plate I'm going to put his fave scripture verse from the Bible. Next, up is this adorable patent leather purse from Target. I've been stalking it for a while. It's what I told Orion I wanted for a gift. It's cute, has a lot of room and priced right at $29! 

The modern gift for the third anniversary is crystal. 

I'm not sure why this is the modern gift, I don't think many people like crystal much. I however love crystal when it comes in these forms:
For her I picked this adorable crystal cupcake stand from one of my fave Etsy shop's Vintagely Yours. And for him these really pretty crystal cuff links from Etsy as well.


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