July 31, 2010

{Featured} My Top 12 on Domestic Ease

I'm pretty excited this morning to announce that my article for the website Domestic Ease is up today!!! I've been waiting for the last two weeks for the article to hit the site and the wait is finally over. 

I had a ton of fun writing this Top 12 list, about one of my passions Preserving Your Photo Memories You don't have to be a pro to take or make really great photo memories. Read more about this in the article, here

If you're not already a reader of Domestic Ease you will be after today. Their site is full of really awesome home tips, cooking tips, and things all about life! Their site is one of my faves to read weekly. They also have a weekly Container Store giveaway, it's worth a jump on over just to enter that.

Check out my Top 12 article, here.  


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