July 17, 2010

iheart: Organizing Products

It's been a while since I've shared with you something that iheart and I'm really diggin' these days! Today I thought I'd share with you once of my all time favorite items for organization in your home. I use these little guys pretty much everywhere, since my discovery of them three years ago. 


Storage box, set of 6

These little guys are from Ikea and they are life savers! They come in a pack of 6 you get a variety of sizes and the best part maybe is the fact they all totally collapse able and can be stored flat. They all come in two colors black [which the Hubs loves] and cream. 

We have them in our dresser drawers to organize our socks, undies, etc. 

I use them in the bathroom underneath the sink to house all our body lotions, sprays, looming medicines and other toiletries. 

I have some in the kitchen to keep all my plastic Tupperware lids and containers in their place. 

I think there's a number of things these little guys could be used for, you just have to pick some up and go to work making everything all organized and pretty! 

What's your fave storage solution? 


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