July 16, 2010

Anniversary Week III: How We Celebrated

Our third anniversary has come and gone, but we're still relishing in the fun and memories we made just a couple days ago. 

We lounged around that morning, Orion had the entire day off so it was perfect! We went to lunch at Chipotle, since that's how we are simple and do what we love. After lunch we headed off to my surprise for Orion.

A couple weeks back I was trying to figure out something fun to do on our anniversary since this year we were staying home and local unlike previous years when we took a weekend trip to celebrate. I thought it would be fun to go to a place and paint our own pottery together, and make something for our home together. 

I didn't know how Orion would do, since I'm usually the crafty one in this relationship. But, when I told him where we were going and what was in store he was excited about the whole thing and couldn't wait to try. 

We headed over to Color Me Mine in Peoria and picked out a set of coasters to paint. He did two and I did two of them. We each put our own designs on them. We get to go back Monday and pick them up after they've been sealed and glazed. 

Next up, we went to Home Goods. This may sound silly but Orion had never been there and I really wanted to show him all the goodness that is Home Goods. So we went. He was impressed. We bought a dog brush for Bentley and dreamed of all the things we would do to another house someday, if we find ourselves in that position again. 

After that it was time to head home to get ready for dinner and drop Ava off at a friend's house, so they could watch her while we went out to dinner. 

We choose to go to Sassi in Scottsdale for dinner. I love this place. It's beautiful, and it looks like Italy. I've never been to Italy but my Mom has and she agrees. 

We ate dinner. Ordered sparkling lemonades, drank and were merry! Orion ordered gelato and I got a latte for dessert. We chatted about the past, the present and what's in store. We dreamed new dreams and made plans for the next year to come. 

After dinner we walked about the outside of the restaurant. They have weddings there, so it's beautiful and gorgeous. We took this picture:
For gifts this year we decided to go in on a gift together, something that we both wanted and could both use. We decided to get an ihome system for our ipod. We both really love listening to music and pod casts so it was a perfect gift for us. 

We picked Ava up from the baby sitters a.k.a our friends, and she was a champ! She did great, had a little gas when we first dropped her off and was a bit fussy but then calmed down. When we walked in and asked where she was, they showed us and laying on the floor there she was in a basket of theirs with her blanket. It was adorable! 

We went home, snuggled our girl and smiled at each other thankful for the last three years together. 


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