July 24, 2010

Our "How To" Article

I entered a "How To" contest on The Nest. There are several different categories that you could write how to articles on. I choose to write ours on saving money, because I feel I really try hard each month to look at our budget and find ways to save for us. 

Since I'm not working full time, I feel like it's my job to find the best deals out there and ways to save. The winners of this contest get published in The Nest magazine this Fall. The runners up get all expense paid vacations. 

We'll take either! :) 
To read and view our article, click here.

Comment and help us win! 

Today, I've got errands to run that didn't get done yesterday. Lunch with some of my college students. More packing and cleaning. Sounds fun right? 

Hope all you lovelies are enjoying your weekend!!!


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