July 23, 2010

Keepin' It Real

This week has been crazy! It's been busy. I've been all over the place, taking care of Ava, tired and out of it. 

We're moving. (I'll pause for a second, and let you pick your jaw off the ground)

Moving, on. Yes, we're moving again. But it's not as dramatic as the last move. We're just moving to another apartment in our complex. 

Why? Simply, to save money. Orion and I have some goals we want to reach and one of those goals is to be debt free by the end of the year, besides our school loans. In order to achieve this goal we need to try and save more at this point. So moving we are doing. 

Here's what I've been knee deep in this past week: 

I like my house to be in order, so for the last two weeks we've been dealing with this. It's not fun, but it's a must when you're trying to pack and move. 

It's been a long and hard week. Ava's been off her schedule, which is making things harder during the day. And living on top of boxes and trying pack is hard on all of us. 

But, it will soon be over. We move next week. 

I'm actually excited about the place we're moving into. Even though it's a little bit smaller than where we're at now the floor plan is better for our needs. 

I'm looking forward to painting and making the new place our own. It'll give me some projects to do. 

A few things I'm looking forward to with the new place;

We will no longer be near the entrance gate, and the people coming in and out during all hours of the night. 

We will be farther away from the maintenance people when they start working at 6 am. Right now we're near the front of the complex where they start working and you can hear it. By, the time now they make it to us it'll be later in the day thus cutting down on the noise. 

This will be good for baby and Bentley. 

Having a pantry. (it's the little things)

And most importantly saving money. 
Please excuse my absence for the next couple days while we move and get things in order. 


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