July 5, 2010

Father's Day Project

I meant to share this project before I left for my Iowa trip, but time got away from me. So here is the Father's Day project I made for Orion's first Father's Day. 

This is just a method, you could tweak this and make it your own. I choose to make silhouettes of their hands, since we're always talking about how they have the same hands I decided to make hands. You could use profiles, etc to make your own. 

I choose to make mine on a canvas, you could make yours and frame it like a print as well. 

I used card stock, a canvas, paint and mod podge to complete the project. 

First I painted the canvas all black, I had it left over from the nursery, and it's Orion's fave color. 

I let it dry and after drying I placed my cut outs of their hands and affixed with some mod podge and let dry. 

I wrote their names and the date on their hand cut outs before I put them on the canvas, I wanted to make sure we remembered. 
Ta-Dah! Here it is all dried and finished. 

It's going to look beautiful in his office someday, but for now it sits at his bedside. 

Be Creative Challenge
Week #24


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