October 7, 2010

Ava: 6 Months

This post is long over due, Ava turned 6 months old on September 24th, 2010. She's been keeping us on our toes and doing all sorts of exciting things everyday. She's been up to some an exciting things in the last few months. 

She's now making lots of ma, ma, ba, ba and other sorts of fun noises and sounds. 

She's rolling over like crazy, and been rocking back and forth on her knees for weeks now. I'm already counting down the days till she starts crawling. 

She's sitting up on her own for the most part. She doesn't quite get into the sitting position on her own but if you sit her up she'll stay. 
Today, I found that she's cutting her first tooth. One on the bottom. I was checking her mouth today while we were playing on the floor. And rubbed my finger along her gums and felt it. I couldn't believe it and did it a few more times just to make sure I wasn't dreaming this up. :) 

These days everything goes in her mouth, it doesn't matter what it is it goes there first. We started her last night on her first solids. She ate sweet potatoes for the first time. She wasn't quite sure what to think of it at first, but after a few bites she got used to the idea. We'll try again this week and see how it goes. Rice cereal didn't mesh well with her so I'm hoping solids do. 

I want to try and make my own baby food. I'm going to do some research and get some recipes together and make some of my own. (if anyone has any good ones email me them, I'd love to try them) 
Here's some stats about our girl:

Height: 25 inches
Weight: 13 pounds 2 ounces
Head Cir: 16.5 inches

She's still wearing size 1 diapers, she needs to move to size 2 but I stocked up on size ones and have two more packs to get through before we can switch. I don't wanna waste money so we're going to make them work till they are gone. 

She's sleeping about 10 hours at night with one or two naps a day. 
Last week we went to Ava's six month doctors appointment. The doctor was very concerned about her low weight. She actually lost 7 oz. since we last saw the doctor. And as it turns out she's eating but she's not getting enough from just being breast fed. 

The doctor suggested that we start supplementing with formula at every feeding. I was very concerned about her but was obviously willing to do whatever it took to make sure she's healthy. 

It's been a week so far she's gained 1 pound. Which is great, now we just need to get her weight back up and where it needs to be. She's very under weight right now she needs to be around 16 pounds so we're getting there, it's been a hard week. 

There's been a lot of prayer for her that it would only be an issue of her not getting enough and nothing else. So I'm happy to see that she can gain weight, we just need to get her there. 

She's such a happy & content baby. And hitting all her milestones on time, so there's no concern for that at all. 

She makes us so happy. We love you Ava Hadley! 

Love, Mommy & Daddy

(these are pages from her 1st year book)


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