October 31, 2010

A Day in October

I meant to document our day in October a few weeks ago, but I forgot my camera that day while I was out running errands and then forgot about it by the time I got home. 

So today, on the last day of October, while packing this morning to come home from vacation I realized that I hadn't documented our day. 

So today was the day. We were driving most of the day, but I decided to document it anyway. 

Here you go: October 31st, 2010

Our day started out at 7 am, Ava let Orion & I sleep in on our last day of vacation. I got up to nurse her and Orion started packing and listening to ramblings on ESPN. 

Here's a quick shot of them before leaving our hotel.........
And of coarse a shot of me & Ava, plus I wanted to show you my cute new hat! Aren't we cute?!? Then we loaded up in the car for our 3 and a half hour car ride home. 
Ava was a trooper, we planned the trip home around her nap time (thanks, Alicia) and she slept the first two hours into the trip. 

While, I read a little of this aloud to Orion in the car, Ava slept and we had a good time chatting and discussing the book's topics. We're reading this book for our Connection Group at church, and going through the class. Truth be told, we're a little behind so today was a good catch up day for us in the car. 
1:30 pm.....We made a pit stop for gas & lunch. Here's my little road trip girl! She did so great! 
2 pm, after our little break we're back in the car. Gotta get a shot of our "driver" on the trip. Orion puts up with my road trip camera picture taking nonsense, he's a trooper too! :)

By, 2:45 pm we were pulling into the drive way and unloading the car and getting things unpacked. 

After a quick diaper change and change of clothes I set up Ava's "home theatre" so she could be distracted while I started unpacking. 
I also started some loads of laundry, folded and repeated till it was all done. While Orion entertained Ava and they watched football. 
4 pm, I made a trip to Target for some things and had a nice little "mommy break." When I got home, We made another costume change into Ava's cute lil' pumpkin outfit and headed outside to take some fall pics on the grass: 
5:30 pm Orion went and got take out, this Mama was to tired to cook anything spectacular. 

6:30 pm we headed over to our friend's house, to drop off a thank you card to them for watching Bentley while we were on vacation, and say "hello."

8 pm, back @ home! Putting Ava to sleep and getting stuff picked up around the house. 

8:30 pm I sit down to pay bills & blog. Sorry for the lack of pics during this time. Really who wants to see me pay bills?!!? yea, I didn't think so! 

It's now almost 9 pm, and I am beat! Heading to bed soon, tomorrow is a new and exciting day. Some changes coming this week to the Worley House trying by best to wrap my heart and head around them. So, I need my sleep!

Night, Night!

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