October 11, 2010

Fall Inspired Cake Pops

I'm a pretty big fan of Bakerella's cake pops! She's amazing in the kitchen, her creations are pretty much works of edible art as far as I'm concerned. I love this little bite size dessert. I affectionately call them "crack." They are so good you'll be addicted to the taste and making them. 

This is only the 2nd time I've made them, and it was a lot easier this time than the first. I've got a little process going on now. You can visit Bakerella's website for more tips & tricks! 

Here's my little take on them, I decided to make mine cake balls because I didn't want to buy the lollipop sticks this time. For this you'll need:

- 1 box cake mix any variety & the ingredients to make it. (I used Devil's Food)
- 1 can cream cheese frosting
- sprinkles of your choosing (I used fall colored ones)
- chocolate almond bark
Bake the cake according to the box directions. Let cool completely. 
Cut cake into squares, this makes it a little easier to take apart and crumble. 
Take each piece of cake and crumble into a bowl, repeat till all the cake is crumbled. 

 It will look something like this. 
Next up, spoon all your frosting into the bowl. Here's where it gets messy, I usually mix this all with my hands or you could use a spoon if you prefer. 

After all your frosting is mixed up well, place the bowl into the freezer for about 10 minutes. 

While your batter is in the freezer melt your chocolate. Using a double boiler, or if you don't have one fill a stock pot with water and place a dish over it and the steam will melt the chocolate.
While your chocolate is melting I use this time to clean up all my dishes it helps pass the time away while your stuff is still in the freezer. 
Take your cake mix out of the freezer and form into walnut size balls. Place them on a lined cookie sheet so they don't stick and are easier to remove. Place them back in the freezer for about 10-15 min, you want them to be firm for dipping but not frozen. 
 Get your sprinkles ready for dipping! 
Place each ball into chocolate and cover it completely with the chocolate, using a spoon fish it out and place it onto the cookie sheet. Then add your sprinkles, they will look something like these little guys:
Repeat, repeat this process till they are all covered in yummy chocolate goodness like this:
Next up, place them on a fancy serving tray and take them to your event or leave them at home for your Hubby to eat 5 at a time (literally)! 

See, I told you they were like crack! :)
Has anyone else tried to make these? Let me know your tips & tricks. I can't wait to make some festive Christmas inspired ones soon!! 

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