October 2, 2010

Baby Steps to Motherhood

This week brought with it, its own set of challenges, realizations and joys. I think motherhood is a culmination of all those things. And, I am realizing that being a mom and becoming the mother I want to be is full of lots and lots of baby steps. Just like Ava is learning new things daily, and taking small steps towards big milestones as am I in becoming her mother. 

Over the past six months I have embraced, and looked for every opportunity to learn in this crazy culture that is Mommywood. There are things that have happened along this journey in the last few months that have led me to say;  

"I wish someone would have told me that." 

"I wish that this was talked about more, than it is."
Over the last few months God is changing me and molding me into the mother that he's created me to be. He's given me a new outlook and new perspective that I am go grateful for. 

I know that this is what I was created to do. There have been struggles along the way. My body doesn't always want to work like other women's bodies. 

Ava is my miracle. 

And, in these last few months I feel a strong burden to bring this Mommywood culture closer together. I feel like a lot of times we judge before we really know this circumstances, I think women can be so hard on each other. We may not always say it out
loud but we sure have thought it in our minds and in our hearts. 

We question each other, instead of supporting one another. And look for those opportunities where we can educate and encourage other Moms who may not know what is best, or may just need a little help. 
 This whole new life can take on a personality of its own, and I have learned that having the right support system in place is crucial or it can swallow you whole before you even know it. 

You might doubt yourself, or your abilities or think that you can't handle it at all. 

I think no matter what if you're a working Mommy or a stay at home Mommy, I believe that at the core you just want to do a good job and raise healthy, strong, responsible, loving kids. 

You want to do a good job. You want validation for that good job too sometimes. 

I know I do. I know I want my Husband to think what I'm doing here at home everyday is good and valuable. (and he does.) 

You want to know you're making a difference and you want your kids to know how much you care about them and love them. 
 I know that this Mommy thing is a journey, a beautiful one. 

One that can bring you so much joy & pleasure if you let it. 

It's already changing  changed me. 

It's changed the kind of wife I want to be to my husband. It's made me think twice about how I view others and what they are doing. 

It's made me more grateful for where God has me, even though things are far from perfect and the challenges aren't over. 

I am grateful, and I know he hasn't forgotten about us. 

I know that each and every single day is another day to learn more of what God has for me. 

To learn even more. To love my husband and daughter a little more that day. 

To give back in some small way. To encourage others and to help others. 
 I am so thankful for this new journey he has me on. 

I don't know everything, sometimes I feel like I don't have a clue. I'm learning with each and every day that another baby step will be reached, another milestone will be accomplished. Not only for my child, but for me as her Mommy. 

I'm learning how precious and how valuable our time and our days are. I want to soak them in and make them count. 
 I know that God is teaching me and preparing me for something really amazing and special. I don't know what it is yet, or how he'll take all these new desires and passions and use them for him. 

But, I know he will use them. I know that he'll use them for his glory. 
 This is such a special season in my life. I don't want to take any of it for granted. I know that there is purpose behind all this. 

It was a really hard week, with its fare share of challenges and realizations. Lots of prayer, lots of crying (if we're being real.) a lot of hard work as we enter into a new phase. 

But, even in all that God still reminds me that he's holding me and won't let go. So as I continue to learn and my passion for Motherhood blooms even more I am reminded of that. 

How perfect & sweet this Mommywood journey is. 
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