October 19, 2010

Waking Up 28

Yesterday was my 28th birthday. Hubby had a full day planned, he took care of everything, made it really special and I was impressed and very surprised. 

He let me sleep in later, and he took care of Ava. We had a lazy morning together before getting ready and heading to lunch. 

You may have heard me gush about my green bag envy a few weeks back, well Hubby made my dreams come true and got me my green bag. He's so sweet & thoughtful. 
My Mom sent me these really pretty flowers for my birthday and all day long phone calls poured in from my very best friends. 

My Grandparents called and sang me "Happy Birthday" over the phone, and made me cry truly happy & blessed tears. 

My friend Jennie surprised me with tickets to see Ms. Colbie on Friday for our birthdays. Her birthday is 4 days after mine. 
 Hubby really out did himself, and made me enchiladas (just like my Mom) for my birthday. He also made an Oreo ice cream cake that is to die for. It's going to be the end of me this week. 

Who knew Hubby could cook! :)
Friends bought me this cookie cake, and it made me remember my Cookies Etc. days when I was the cookie girl making them for other people's birthday. 
I had an amazing birthday!

It made turning 28 truly special. 


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