October 16, 2010

Milestones: Sittin' Up & Takin' Names

Ok, so maybe she's not so much takin' names but it sounded really good, huh!

For the last couple weeks she's been sitting up if you put her in the sitting position, still kinda wobbly though. I've been watching & waiting for her to figure out on her own how to sit up. 

Today she did it! 

Today while playing on the floor, I was sitting next to her, she rolled over and sat up. I was so proud, clapped my hands and cheered. I'm sure she thought I was a fool. 

But I'm proud! 
Today was also a BIG day because was finally conquered solid foods! Or shall I say carrots! 

So here's the deal everything I have introduced her to rice cereal, squash, sweet potatoes she wants nothing to do with it. The first time we tried rice cereal she ate it like it was her last meal. The next time she wanted nothing to do with it, shook her head and threw a fit. Same deal with sweet potatoes & squash. 

Today carrots were the veggie of choice, and to my surprise she ate them. We'll see if this is a fluke tomorrow or not but for today I'm happy to say that at least she was into trying something. 
Breast feeding has become her nemesis, she wants nothing to do with it. She trows a fit & refuses to eat. Which is hard on this Mommy's heart. But we keep trying hoping that the next feeding will be more pleasant than the last. 
She's growing so much and changing everyday. I think I sat that every day, but it's true. Some of our friends have children that are turning 1 or already have in the last few weeks and it's crazy to think how fast time goes by. She won't be small forever, but she'll always be our little girl. 

Next, up on mastering.... crawling. 

She's got one leg propped up most of the time. Now, if she could only get those hands moving and not just rockin' on her knees we'd have a crawler. Right now she just rolls everywhere it's pretty cute though. 


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