October 16, 2010

Our Lil' Pumpkin

Yes, I went there. Pun intended. 

I'm pretty sure I love all cheesy cliches & puns when it comes to my baby. 

We spent the day at the pumpkin patch yesterday, Ava is 6 and a half months old so she really couldn't enjoy all that this experience had to offer but we went anyway because I have been dreaming of the days where we'd sit on hay, hold pumpkins and smile!

We did just that. It was hot, a mere 95 degrees. But it was fun. I watched my Husband take our girl down a slide, show her the animals at the petting zoo and smile as I took a bazillion pictures of the whole thing! 

She was a trooper in the heat, smiling and making lots of squeals as she put her feet in kernels of corn.

We bought Ava her own lil' pumpkin to take home, it's cute and just her size. 
I can't wait till next year when she's older and running all over the place, she's going to love the pumpkin patch. 
We waited around till the crowds cleared and we could get our picture taken in front of the giant pumpkin. Took cheesy self portraits, and captured everything about this Fall day! 

It's a little different here in Arizona, fall is different than in the Midwest. I miss my Midwest falls, but we're making the most of our valley of the sun kinda fall days!
I'm so glad we made the trip and made some great memories for our little family. I love holidays so much, and I can't wait to make some really fun new memories with our new little family. 

Enjoy these pictures! 
Isn't she cute?!!! 

These pages will be going in our family album soon, I need to get moving 2010 feels like it's almost over! 

PS- Ava is going to be a lil' pumpkin for Halloween. Mom & Dad....We'll eat the candy! :)

Have you been to the pumpkin patch yet this year????


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