October 8, 2010

Friday Frills: Things that Make Me Smile

It's been a while since we had a little Friday Frills on the good ole' blog here! This has been a rough week for me and my family! So here's a few things that have made me smile today and perked me up! 
Little debut of Tiffani Thessian's little one Harper. Caught out & about in LA this past week! Isn't she a cutie?! I think she's a good mix of her mommy & daddy. 
Katie Heigl and her Hubby with their baby girl! She's one of those ladies that can rock any hair color, I love that. I can't do that. This week, I read an interview where she talked about Motherhood and adoption. It melted my heart and made me smile so much. I love reading about other Moms' stories about motherhood and loving their children. Even the famous ones! :)

PS- I can't wait to see her new movie! 
Have you ever heard of Zulily? I just discovered it today, and can I say I'm already in LOVE with the stuff their selling! Here's some stuff I found for the little diva in my life! These outfits & petti skirts would be perfect for adding some pizazz and personality for your family photo shoot! 
And, here's some stuff for little dudes! Isn't it cute? Do you wanna shop at Zulily too? Click here, and have the best shopping experience ever! 
Happy Friday Everyone! Hope your weekend is fabulous and fun! 


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