October 27, 2010

Mommy Milestones: Making my Own Baby Food

I knew I wanted to try making my own baby food when I was pregnant, and this past week I tried my hand at making my own baby food. It was one of the mommy things I wanted to check off my mental list of things to do. 

I bought some Earth's Best food initially when we started her on solids, just because I didn't know what to make yet and didn't know what she'd like. I like this brand, I'd use it again if I didn't have anything already made. 

I followed the tips given by my friend Jessie on her blog Mama of M's. She has some really great and detailed posts about the "how to" of making baby food. Check out her blog and see. 

I made baby food Monday night after she went to bed. I made baby food while Hubby and I chatted and broke down the day. We talked and bonded over making baby food for our girl, it was a good time. You should try it. ;)
I made carrots & peas since they seem to be a big hit with her. 

I boiled both, and then put them in the food processor and blended them till they were the consistency I wanted them. 
I used these Glad Ware containers I had on hand, next time I'd like to get these containers I saw or use ice cube trays. 

But, for this first time these little Glad containers worked well for me. I let them cool down, before putting them in the freezer. 
Now, we have a freezer full (about 8 containers) of homemade baby food. I plan on taking some on our vacation for Miss Ava. 

Doing this homemade is pretty economical, you can get so much more food out of a bag of carrots or peas than you can in 1 jar of store bought baby food. 

I used all organic veggies in this case. 

Be Creative Challenge 
Week #41


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