March 14, 2011

Blog Roll Monday: Homemade by Jill

Happy Monday Lovlies! Did you all have a good weekend? We sure did. Soon as my Husband was diagnosed with strep throat (yes, strep!) on Thursday we got him on meds and he was feeling better by Saturday, which was good for us so we could enjoy the rest of our weekend and deep clean our home from all the germs!

It's another Monday, and time for me to tell you about one of the blogs on my reading list. I found two new blogs I'm in love with this past week, can't wait to share those soon.

Everyone meet Jill from Homemade by Jill! Truly everything on her blog is homemade with love. My friend, who doesn't blog but really should (ahem, Jessie I'm talking to you) told me about this blog. Because she knows me well, and knew I would love it. And, she's right I do!

This great little blog is filled with all sorts of crafts, sewing ideas and more! Mommy to two adorable kiddos a boy and a girl her blog is filled with lots of creative ideas for the family and home. If you love to sew, this is a dream blog as well. She's got lots and lots of tutorials on how to make a lot of the projects she shares on the blog. One of my faves is her Glitter Wreath, the baby bib, and the easy burp cloths that would make awesome shower gifts! She's even got some cool print ables that she gives you for free, yes free! She's pretty awesome like that!

Jump on over to her blog, and get your creative juices flowing! You'll be happy I sent you!

On a side note, tonight I will be watching The Bachelor anxiously awaiting the final choice, glued to the t.v. and all the drama! Be sure to check out what Mrs. B has to say the day after the final rose is given! Go here, to read her blog!

Happy Monday Everyone!!

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