March 21, 2011

this week.......

There's a mix of emotions swirling around in my mind about this week. This is the week that I didn't think would come so fast, but here we are.

This is the week my daughter turns one.

Yup. It's here.

I'm am excited, but I am also a little sad. It's a weird bag of emotions I've got here going on. But, I'll just be honest and say that Monday has already been hard on me.

Wednesday, they are coming to visit:


I am excited to have them here to share in our joy, and to celebrate with us.

Thursday, she turns one.


Saturday we're having a celebration! I've already been having anxiety and scary dreams about something going wrong. Everything is going to fine, but doesn't anyone else have crazy dreams when planning events? Anyway, needless to say there's a lot going on. There's a lot on my mind.

I'm going to take a little break this week from blogging, probably from society as a whole (wink, wink) and just enjoy this week with my family, my husband and my daughter. I'll be back later next week to share all about her birthday, our family visit and what's new with us Worleys!

Have a blessed week!


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