March 6, 2011

Watch Me Grow: 11 Months

Did you read that title? Yup, 11 months! I think I'll never get over how fast this time has gone since she was born. But, as each month goes by it gets more and more exciting as she grows. There's been so many changes that has happened in the last couple weeks. 

She's going to a new day care now and she's transitioned really well. She's such an easy going baby that it has made it a breeze for us. She's now wearing size 3 diapers, she weighs about 20 pounds, and is eating every 3-4 hours. Speaking of food, she's been trying lots of new foods these days including scrambled eggs, corn, potatoes, and chicken. We try new things with her daily, sometimes it hit and miss. But she does love her oatmeal and yogurt in the mornings. She also loves her squash, carrots and peas still.

Size 9-12 months clothing.

Size 3 shoe

She waves and claps. A couple times in church we've caught her raising her hands during worship. It's the cutest thing, even though she has no idea what she's doing. 

She flew for the second time on an air plane when we went and visited family. She was a trooper this time, and did great. 

One of the funniest things about this month, is that she's attached herself to her first "security" item. And that is a stuffed cat that Grandma gave her. My Mom gave her this kitty when we got off the plane in Iowa and she's been attached to it ever since. It goes every where with us, she sleeps with it, and she affectionately calls it her "baby." 

As you can see from the picture, it made an appearance in the photo. I tried to take it away from her for the picture and she cried and screamed till I gave it back to her. But, I think it's a good representation of where she is right now. Take a look; 


She's so cute!! 

She's not quite walking yet, but pulling herself up and holding onto things and "walking" around them. She's still napping 1 to 2 times a day. Sometimes only once at daycare, and twice when she's home with me. 

She's been trying to say more "words" lately making more and more noises and sounds. She also has learned and tested her limits with the word "no." It's amazing how much they understand at this age and push their limits at this age. I'm sure this is only the beginning, but it's so interesting to me. 

We are loving the stage where she is now, and we're looking forward to celebrating with her at the end of this month her 1st Birthday! 


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