March 30, 2011

Milestones: Ava is Walking

This week is going by fast! It's already Wednesday, today we had Ava's 12 month doctors appointment. She did so well, and I am happy that she's growing and healthy. Nothing more we could ask for! I'll post an update on her this weekend, but for now we have to talk about the fact she. is. walking!!!

Yup! We have a walker now. 

She's so little, and kinda wobbly at times but she's getting the hang of it and I finally caught her on video. 

She's doing so well, it's so crazy! Like one day she just woke up and decided to walk. I'm so amazing at the learning and developing process. It's so exciting to watch her grow and change. 

Thanks to everyone for the sweet comments on Ava's 1st Birthday party!  


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