March 3, 2011

Have You Laughed Today?

I believe laughter is the best medicine and essential to life! I'm sure it releases some sort of special chemical into the body and soul making you feel better after you'd had a good laugh.

Like pee your pants, stomach hurts so much because of it!

Today I laughed. Really, really hard when I saw this:

Isn't that hilarious?!! If you didn't laugh then I don't think you have a sense of humor! It's no secret that I love sparkles, pageants and tiaras. A lot of people ask me if I'll let Ava compete in pageants when she's young. My answer to that is "no." I love pageants, and I have a deep appreciation of the Miss America Organization. However, I am not a fan of pageants for little girls. I will however consider letting her compete when she's a teenager and has the full understanding of what she's getting herself into if she at all expresses interest in them.

There, now my soap box is over.


ps- I'm hosting two Ava's Closet giveaways this week! Jump on over to Mrs. B's blog to enter, then jump on over to Lyndsie's blog and enter too!


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