March 17, 2011

Free Tip of the Week: Organizing Printables

Hi Everyone! I'm so glad it's Thursday, you know why? Cause Thursdays are my Fridays! My weekend starts tonight, and it means that I get to be home with my baby girl for the next four days! So I love Thursdays here at the Worley House. Today, I wanted to share with you some free stuff, you all love free stuff don't you?

One of my new fave blog discoveries has been IHeart Organizing, I've talked about Jen before and her wonderful blog. She's got some great organizing tips & tricks and she's generous enough to share them with you and me! I've been loving her monthly organzing challenges and this month she's sharing her ideas for a Home Organization Binder! I've seen a lot of these binders at various stores, but Jen offers you a way you can make it on your own, and even gives you a ton of free printables along the way to fill your binder with.

Today on her blog, she's got a free calendar and more organizing sheets you can add to your blog! Jump on over to her blog, print them off and get started. Oh, and probably while you're there you'll get to looking, feel inspired and probably get lost in all her organizing goodness! Go, ahead...take a look you know you want to! You feel all organized just for looking!

And for more free stuff, here's a few giveaways you might wanna check out this week. Because who doesn't love more free things?!!! Take Heart is having a giveaway day today, click here to enter. Eighteen25 is offering a whole week of giveaways in honor of their blog birthday, click here to enter. Lyndsie is offering a bunch of free stuff on her giveaway blog here this week, click here to enter. I almost don't even wanna tell you about them because I want to win them myself, but I'm feeling generous today, and you just may get lucky on this St. Patty's day and win too!

Have a great week!!


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