March 4, 2011


is the Husband who makes me laugh till my stomach hurts and always keeps me smiling. 

is the one who likes to eat "midnight" snacks over the kitchen sink and pour glasses of juice and never finishes them.

is the Husband who's character and determination are inspiring. 

is the Husband who grew up with nothing, but knew he had everything when trusting in the Lord. 

is the Husband who oozes with love and compassion for people. There's not a single person he can't strike up a conversation with and find a common ground. It's one of the reasons I love him so. 


is the Husband who picked me up from my darkest hour and taught me the true meaning of JOY and helped me get back to where God wanted me to be. 

is the Husband who encourages and loves me unconditionally. 

is the Husband who works and sacrifices to provide for us. 

is the Husband who loves sports and is passionate about them beyond my understanding.

is the Husband who I've watched seamlessly go into fatherhood like it's been with him all along. 

is the Husband who loves his little girl, and it makes my heart proud! 

is the Husband who is full of integrity, and has a work ethic like I've never seen. 

is the Husband who makes me giddy like a school girl when he looks my way. 


is the Husband who I'm so proud to call my own. 

I love you Orion. 

photos by Carrie Fay to see more of our family shoot click here. 


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