March 10, 2011

the post where we talk about personal things.............

These past few weeks it seems like the days have just flown by us, there's been a lot on our hearts and minds. This summer will mark two years of us living in Arizona, it's hard to believe it's already been that long. It's hard to believe sometimes that the church we moved here is no longer, the reason we moved our entire lives is no longer the reason we're here. We've had a lot of changes in the last couple years and to say we're no strangers to change would be an understatement.

I feel like we've been in this season of learning, growing and trusting in the Lord. Honestly, there have been times when I have wanted this season to be over, times when I've embraced it, and mostly the Lord has been so faithful to us and redeemed so much that we've lost.

He has changed our hearts, our attitude and the coarse we thought life was on.

Since the closing of our church, Orion and I have been praying about what we wanted to do, where we were going to go from here. So many questions running through our minds. We really took the time to sit down and evaluate what we wanted from life, what God has put on our hearts and how do they work and fit into where we're at now?

In February we interviewed for a ministry position closer to my family in Iowa. It was exciting, and more so exciting to be closer to family. We waited 4 weeks before going to interview, during this time praying and seeking the Lord and going into this with an open mind. After interviewing and coming home to sort our thoughts, feelings and pray we knew that this wasn't the right fit for us for various reasons which aren't important to discuss here and now, we just knew that it wasn't the best for our family at this time. It would have been really easy to let our emotions about being closer to family, and having that support system cloud the judgement and will of God for our family. So as sad as we are to not be moving closer to family during this time we're at peace and confident in the decision that we've made.

Shortly after this Orion got a job offer from a local Christian University here in Phoenix. The job offer was overwhelming in such a good way. Something my Husband was instantly excited about, and felt a peace about. So after weighing all the options, and considering the benefits we've decided that he is going to take the job offer. One of the things that has weighed so heavy on our hearts this last year and half is the lack of family time we've had. With Orion's previous job the hours weren't ideal, we didn't have a lot of time together, we didn't have weekends free to plan because he was always working, he also had to work on Sundays too. With this new job everything is the exact opposite allowing us to finally have a normal schedule, weekends free and more time as a family.

Orion had his first day of training a couple weeks ago, to see my Husband come home so excited about his job, so hopeful for the future was a blessing. To hear him talk about his co-workers and the work he'll be doing with life in his voice made me excited, proud and extremely grateful for all the Lord's faithfulness and blessings.

Even though this has been an incredibly challenging couple of years I see how the Lord has taken so much and turned it around and how it fits into his plan. I spent many days since crying tears of joy and praying prayers of thankfulness about just how blessed I feel. How at peace I feel in where he's taking us.

I found this song a couple months back, and it makes me emotional every time I play it. When I think about the words they are so perfect to what we've been through these last couple years there's a verse in the song that says;
But when anything that's shattered is laid before the Lord

Just watch and see

It will not be unredeemed

There are so many situations and "things" that we've laid before God and thought we don't know how you're going to work this out, or how it's going to happen but we BELIEVE in your promises, we know they are true and we've made a choice to rest on that. With Orion's new job my heart gets excited about all the goals and opportunities that are now going to pass with this new blessing. I truly see how God has redeemed this situation and how we are stronger and better people now having been through this.

But you never know the miracle the Father has in store

Just watch and see

It will not be

Just watch and see

It will not be unredeemed

I don't know why sometimes things happen the way they do. But, I do have a choice and I can trust in Him who has never failed us, never let us down, the one who is keeping us in his hands so perfectly holding onto us. I sit back and marvel at all that God has done, and all that he's brought us through. I know things will never be perfect, I know there may be more trails to face, but I know we can also handle anything with the Lord's help and with his perfect peace.

My favorite verse in the Bible is Psalm 73:26 it says;
"Though my heart and flesh may fail, God is my strength and portion forever."

I am going to fail many times, life and people are going to disappoint and fail me. But, the Lord never does. His Love and strength are perfect when we are not, when we are weak, when we are at our worst. He is there, his grace covers everything, his love is bigger than we can imagine. It is only through the Lord's strength that I have been able to make it these past two years.

I have leaned on it. Needed it. And, know that it was there when I didn't have anyone or anything else to turn to. The words of this song are so true and resonate in my heart so much. God is truly the redeemer of all that is in our lives.

I pray that you are encouraged today. I pray that whatever it is that is going on in your life you'll be honest and humble enough before the Lord and let him teach you, let him redeem those things in your life.

Orion and I are entering a new season of life right now. We've been through a lot in the last couple years. I am excited for what God has for us, for what he has promised, for what he has REDEEMED! 

And even though there are no cute pictures of Ava. no DIY projects or random tid bits about celebrities, thank you for letting me share my heart and what the Lord is teaching me. Listen to this song, get in your quiet place, turn the music up and let the Lord speak what he wants to your heart today.


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