March 31, 2011

Watch Me Grow: 12 Months

My baby girl is twelve months old already!! Just one week ago we celebrated, she had not 1 birthday party but 3, she's so special to us.

Yesterday, we had her twelve month well baby check up. We haven't seen her doctor since her nine month appointment, I don't usually like doctors or going but this time I was excited to go and have her see how Ava has developed. All she learned since she last saw her, and was wishing and hoping her weight would be where it needed to be. She's been eating more and more, I guessed she was right around 20 pounds. 

This time at the doctors office Ava was all over the place, wanting to get down and walk. It was a little tricky filling out new paperwork with her crawling around. 


Height: 27 1/2 inches 10% {she's so small and little, but her parents are small so we'll give her a break}
Weight: 20 pounds 50%

She's right where I thought she'd be. Her doctor says that she's healthy and where she needs to be. So that makes me so very happy. 

The doctor told us she'd like to see Ava weaned from the bottle and paci by 15 months, when she sees her next. We're treading into uncharted territory here, but I'm confident that she'll do well. We've already had two days of no bottle and just drinking milk from a sippy cup. She's doing well with it. 

Here's some things that are happening with Ava this month:

She loves cheese, yogurt, turkey deli meat, puffs, strawberries, and mash potatoes. 

She's wearing size 3 diapers. Size 2 shoes and twelve month clothing some 18 month clothing too. 

She's walking now! It's so crazy, like she just woke up one day and decided it was time. She's still a little wobbly but getting the hang of it more and more everyday. It's so cute. 

She's really into her toys these days, playing a lot more with them. It's so fun to watch her become increasingly more aware of herself and what she's going. She's into throwing things on the floor and having us pick them up. It's a really fun game. 

She throws food over her high chair for Bentley to pick up. And she feeds him her puffs. It's kinda cute the relationship they have. I can't wait till she can run and chase after him. 

She is getting more vocal too. The other day she held her play phone up to her hear and started jibber jabbering. So cute. 

She amazes me daily. The way she smiles, how she giggles. It melts my heart. 


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