June 5, 2009


That is the number of jobs lost in the month of May alone, bringing unemployment to it's highest in 25 years. Making a total of 6 million jobs lost since the recession started. I am 1 of 6 million.

It's hard to see yourself as just a number in a swarm of everyone else. At 6 million job losses it makes you wonder if "you" matter in all that.

While the Dept. of Labor thinks that "the worst" is over, and that we should be turning a corner soon. Where do you find hope in all this? Where do you find the strength to make things work, to pick up your spirits, and move forward? And what does that look like?

These are all questions I have asked myself in the last few months. I don't claim to be an expert on anything, all I can go on is my experience and what I've learned from all this.

Maybe I've been going through all this so that one day my hope, my story will inspire someone else. Maybe one day I'll be able to offer encouragement to that person next to me who lost their job, or is going through a difficult time. Maybe this whole experience has made me more compassionate, made me smarter financially, made my marriage stronger than it ever could have been with out this, made my faith and trust in the Lord stronger.

If all these things remain and are true, I don't mind it. To come to the other side having learned something, knowing what I know now to do life better the next day. Maybe that makes this all worth it.


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