June 14, 2009

Weekend In Review:

This past weekend was busy, but fun.

Friday- Hubby and I enjoyed a quiet night at home. My Mom came up Friday night to stay w/ us for the weekend. She got here at 9 PM, so we got to hang out late and have Mother/Daughter time.

Saturday- Hubby worked all day [bless him] and my Mom helped me with my garage sale. Which was a bust. We ended up closing shop early, and running errands. Later I posted stuff on Craigslist and sold most of it. I made a de-lish dinner, and we BBQ on the patio and enjoyed the nice sunny weather. We all watched a movie together! I love having my Mom here, I wish she lived closer to me.

Sunday- My Mom left early this morning, I saw her off about 7:30 AM. Then came inside ate breakfast, made coffee and started getting ready. Today is a BIG day! Today we [the Miss Twin Cities committee] drop off our girls for Miss MN week! The girls check in this afternoon, I couldn't be more excited for them. It's a week that will change their lives. Today, the excitement begins for them. More to come on this throughout the week! :)


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