June 12, 2009

A Worley House Garage Sale:

Oh my goodness! I've been working all week to prepare for tomorrow, going through every inch of my house for the stuff we don't use, haven't used in a year, worn in a year, and more! I've never had a garage sale myself, been to plenty but having one NO! So I called my Grandma this week who is an expert Garage Saler for her tips on selling, pricing and all things garage sales. My Mom is coming up to help, and I think I'm ready for tomorrow.
My goal: to make enough money to put towards savings for plane tickets! I heard it's good to have a goal when having a garage sale so that's mine.
I'll let you know how my first sale goes! And, if you feel like stopping by for some "Worley House" stuff come on over and buy our stuff! :) (3462 Cloman Way IGH, MN)
our garage sale was pretty much a bust! we didn't get the turn out i was hoping for or expected. but I did post a bunch of the stuff on Craigslist and got bites right away! I've decided that garage sales are for my grandparent/parents generation and Craigslist is for my generation!


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