June 4, 2009

Wall Galleries

I love photographs, it's no secret. I love displaying them in my home, the Hubs not so much. We have this constant argument whenever I want to put up pictures. He loves art, more than he loves photographs of real people. He sees 2 pictures hanging up as 1 to many. Me on the other hand, I want to fill my house with pictures of the people I love.

A few months ago, while Hubby was gone on a trip I enlisted the help of my friend to help me hang pictures for my wall gallery. Hubby was not really excited to see it when he got home, but he let me keep in anyway.

I had the perfect black & white photo gallery going on, with asymmetrical lines, and different black frames. It was pretty sweet, if I might add. I've since had to take down my gallery and pack it up with our current house situation. I was a little sad to see it go, my house is bare of any photographs of real people.

While perusing through design ideas today I came across an idea I think I want to do for my next wall gallery:

I think this is the perfect fit for someone who wants a wall gallery and doesn't want to commit or have all the holes in your walls. Instead of a ton of holes, you're just making a couple holes for the shelving. I love the layering look of the photo frames over one another.

These shelves are from Room & Board and retail starting at $79, they come in a variety of sizes. But I found these similar ones at the Container Store for $19.99:

Has anyone else tried this idea? If so, I'd love to see your design ideas. Happy Decorating!


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