June 23, 2009

Topics on my Mind today:

Couple things on my mind this morning as I watched the news, and other morning shows. Let's see what you all are thinking, and have a friendly discussion. 

1. Jon & Kate announce on their show last night that they will be separating and filing for divorce.

- I am truly saddened by this whole thing. I was floored and shocked when I started hearing rumors about them months ago, and hoped it wasn't true. Then in a whirlwind things got very quickly out of hand and here we are today. 
              a. I observed last night on the show that Jon seems very checked out.
              b. I do not think it's all one person's fault. Course not, they are married and need to work this out. It takes two people to make it work.
              c. once you stop caring then it's pretty much done. And that's where I see Jon at. From what I observed last night. 
- I read their book last Christmas,  and felt for this family. They have overcome so much, to be here. I've been watching since the beginning. And like most people I think you feel connected to them. My questions?
             a. how can a show like this go on when they are filing for divorce? I think they should stop filming now for their children. Take time away and figure this all out. It's gotten way to out of hand. I don't want to watch children go through a divorce, and watch their family crumble. Shame on TLC for not releasing them from a contract, and shame on Jon and Kate for continuing to go on with the filming. 
            b. I don't expect them to be perfect, and there is no perfect family. But, marriage is work and worth fighting for. I don't want to watch a family who won't fight, who will exploit their children for the sake of a t.v. show through a divorce. It may be good for ratings, but will not be good in the BIG picture of their lives. My plea, stop filming let your children be kids, and have any chance of "normal" again. 

Ok, there's my rant. What do you think? 

On, to the next topic on my mind:

2. The brawl between Perez Hilton and The Black Eyed Peas
For those that don't know here's the background of this story. Perez Hilton is famous for nothing really but writing a gossip column and bashing/ trashing many celebs on his online blog. One of many people he's bashed on his blog is Fergie & Will I am from the Black Eyed Peas. Now, allegedly Perez has said that Will I am jumped him in a club early this week and beat him. Perez is now bashing and ranting on his blog about how violence is not the answer, and shame on him for doing so. 

Here's my thoughts/questions:
- First of all I think what Perez does on his site by writing the things that he writes, and videos he posts about people is violence in a different form. It may not be physical but written abuse or violence. I don't think that's right to bash people like that on the Internet, and not expect those people in real life to be hurt of offended. Or at the very least, have some sort of reaction to it. 
- I don't condone the physical violence that may or may not have happened. But I think that violence is wrong in any form written, verbal or physical. 
- My issue is why is no one saying to Perez, what he's doing is wrong? Why is it seemingly ok for him to write the things about people that he does? That is violence as well. 

What do you think? What are your thoughts?

And lastly, I just want to say that it's truly sad that anything like this is happening in our world at all. People are not perfect, so I don't expect things to be rosy and sunshine all the time. But, I think instead of focusing our energies on these people we should be focusing on more important things and helping others. 


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