June 1, 2009

*Free Tip of the Week*

Do you [heart] Craigs List as much as I do? I love it, I have found and sold many things on this site and love it! My very first purchase was a Chas lounge chair that perfectly matched my Ashley Furniture couch, it was only $150! Much cheaper than the $300 ones we'd been looking at Ashely's! I scooped it up, and after that I've been a believer in this site ever since. I love looking and trying to find a great deal.

Well, my 2nd love is the [free] section of Craigs List. Have you been there before? Well, if you haven't, it's my free tip of the week this week! I've been finding some really great pieces that I wish I could go pick up, but in light of our moving situation I've found best not to add to the truck at this time.

You have to dig sometimes, and always look at the ones with pictures. I find that posts with no pictures are a waste anyway. ;)

Happy FREE findings. If you find something you love be sure to link me, I want to see all your fab finds!

Click here, to visit the Minneapolis section of FREE

**on a side note; Sonic is giving out FREE root beer floats on 6.3.2009! Be sure to stop by if you love Sonic as much as I do!**


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