June 30, 2009

Decor Don'ts!

Recently HGTV did an article on the Top 25 Decorating Don'ts! I love decorating and after reviewing this list I've discovered that I've broken a lot of these rules! YIKES! :) How about you? How many of these have you broken? See my commentary and review of the list below:

25. Toilet rugs

Oh my gosh!!! My very first apartment after college, I was living on my own and it was my first attempt as decorating "my own place" I bought matching RED rugs for my bathroom! I still have those rugs but no longer use them. Probably should get rid of them.

24. Too many photos

Guilty as charged! My husband reminds me of this often. I'm a photographer, what can I say?

23. Ignoring the foyer

We don't have one of these, so that's easy!

22. Undressed cables

21. Out-of-place themes

20. Outdated accessories

19. Lopsided furniture arrangements

18. Keeping something you hate

17. Too formal

16. Uncomfortable dining chairs

15. Lack of traffic pattern

14. Everything matches

Guilty again! Just about everything in our living room matches. Now, I am realizing that it's perfectly ok for things not to match. And getting more inspired by vintage pieces I want to add to our room.

13. Following fads

12. Furniture that doesn’t fit

11. Too many colors or patterns

10. Floating rugs

9. Improper lighting

8. Frames hung too high

I've done this a few times!

7. Tacky couch covers

My first apartment in college I covered and outdated flower power couch with a waffle patterned cover. I don't think it was tacky. It was a much improvement from the flowers!

6. Pushed-back furniture

Oh, I've done this too! :)

5. Ignoring windows

4. Fear of color

I think we've been guilty of this a few times or two! Have you seen our house?! :)

3. Knickknack overload

2. Too many pillows

1. Fake flowers

Oh goodness!!! So guilty! I love the look of flowers but they are to expensive to keep in your house all the time, right?!!! I have a arrangements that are fake as The Hills! But, I love them and don't really care if I break this rule! :)


What do you think? Which ones of these have you broken on this list? As many as I have?!!!


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