June 28, 2009

First things first....

I love decorating in general, you've heard me talk about it before! You've also heard me talk about Hubby and I's different styles. But somehow we've managed to live in this happy well decorated home together for almost 2 years. I was thinking today, about our first apartment together when we were newlyweds. It got me thinking about the "first" purchases that Orion and I made for our new home! When we were engaged, it was on one of many trips to Minneapolis from my parent's in Iowa to visit Orion that we went shopping for our new place. I remember filling up his bedroom where he lived with his roommate Eric, with all of our purchases for our new place when we got married. That day we bought the following:
3 matching candle holders from World Market
A rug for our living room from Ikea
2 throw pillows for our couch from Ikea
I look around our house now these items have moved, shifted and changed their purpose since they took up residence in our 1 bedroom apartment when we were first married. I wouldn't trade those days for anything but, since then I've realized that it's ok to not be so matchy matchy on the design and decor of your home, and I've learned to be a little more vocal about what I want in terms of what I want the home to look and feel like. 

What were some of your first purchases with your spouse when you were first dating, engaged or married?

Where are those items now?


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