June 10, 2009

Mr. W answers some questions:

So most of you know that I do all of the authoring on "Worley House." But, I thought wouldn't it be awesome if my better half made a cameo sometimes? So, I found this "About Me" survey some other people were doing on their blogs, and I thought wouldn't it be sweet if Hubby filled this out about me? (my responses will be in this color)
1. What is your current obsession? blogging.... ha, ha...this cracks me up. but I suppose it's true.
2. What is your favorite memory? our wedding day
3. Starbucks or Peet's? Starbucks.
4. What's for dinner? Enchiladas
5. What would you eat for your last meal? Enchiladas
6. What's the last thing you bought? lap-top...false. clear bra straps.
7. Have you ever dated anyone that turned out to be crazy? no
8. What is your favorite ice-cream flavor? coffee flavored ice cream
9.) What was your favorite toy growing up? Polly pockets.... never owned these. :)
10.) Best Vacation? cruise... we did this for our honeymoon, can't wait till we get to go again!
11. If you could go anywhere in the world for the next hour, where would you go? Arizona...pretty much!
12. Which language do you want to learn? Spanish... or learn how to speak it better!
13. What's your favorite quote? live as though heaven is on earth. sing as though no one is watching, love as if you have never been hurt... this is Hubby's random Hodge podge of this quote. If you know that quote, you know kinda where he's going. While I do like that one, it's not my fave, this is: "To accomplish great things one must not only act, but dream, not only plan, but also believe."
14. What is your favorite color? pink
15. What is your favorite piece of clothing in your own wardrobe? my shirts...this also makes me laugh. My fave piece has to be my blue London Times dress that was originally $199 but I got it on sale for $18! It's been one of my fave dresses for weddings, pageants and parties!
16. What is your dream job? youth ministry
17. What is your worst habit? biting my cheek, sad but true!
18. If you had $1,000 right now, what would you spend it on? plane tickets
19. Do you admire any one's style? He left this blank so I'll answer it... I'm really loving Jillian's from the Bachelorette. She's so stylish!
20. Describe your personal style? classic vintage... man he's good!
21. What are you going to do after this? watching e news!
22. What are your favorite movies? miss congeniality
23. What is your favorite fruit? apples
24. What inspires you? my grandmother... he's right. she's the best!
25. Your favorite book? gone with the wind... can't believe he remembered that!
26. Do you collect something? willow trees... not the actual trees, but the figurines.
27. What is your favorite smell? hazelnut vanilla
28. What are you most proud of? graduating from college
29. What do you like most about yourself? my eyes, my heart for others
30. What is your go-to nail polish color? red
31. What do you fear most? disappointing others (ie: friends and family)... while I have been known to struggle with this from time to time, my fear of heights trumps it all! :)


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