June 7, 2009

Free Tip of the Week; Being Green!

Ok, here's my FREE tip of the week; snag yourself one of these awesome canvas totes for your weekly trip to the Farmer's Market or the grocery store!
How can you do this, you might ask? By taking this simple 9 question online survey about recycling! Hands on Twin Cities, is a volunteer based organization that seeks to place people in volunteer roles all over the Twin Cities area, and promote volunteering around the state. They are partnering with :
To bring you this awesome program! Click here, to take the survey and get your own bag! Now, it's not a scan, it's not funny or anything, (as I've taken the survey myself) just a really cool program and you might learn a lot by taking the survey and learning to live a little greener! It's simple, fast and FREE! Who doesn't love that. They are adorable totes, if I might add.


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