June 26, 2009

Friday Frills; Anniversary Ideas!

As our 2nd year is vastly approaching us Orion and I have gotten very creative in planning our anniversaries. Here's my question; Can you ever top your first? No matter what you did or where you went can you ever top your first anniversary and the memories? I think not, but here's the awesome part of it all each year is another chance to make new memories and find that oh so special way to make it yours.

I think the idea of "topping it" implies that it has to be better, grander, more expensive than the first. But, I think that's not so. To us, "topping it" means putting thought and meaning behind what you're doing, and making it special. There's no pressure in that when it's fun, and you're together!

Here's a little peak into the Worley House anniversary: Orion and I have decided to stick with the "traditional" gift for each anniversary year, only rule: give the gift with a twist! For example, Paper is the traditional first year gift. Orion got me last year in addition to Bentley he made me this poem which he wrote about our first year together and burned the edges and made it look old and worn and gave it to me. Pretty cool huh? This year you'll just have to wait and see what we come up with.

If you need ideas of your own check out these budget friendly anniversary ideas from thenest.com


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