June 30, 2009

Tag You're it Pt. Dos!

favorite artist/designer:
I love to create using: my camera. 
what inspires me: jesus and the love of my husband. 
favorite medium besides my own: wordpress, wish it was a free site. 
most inspirational city: Madrid, Spain. 
ideal weekend off: a trip to the beach for lounging and relaxing w/ my Husband.
favorite color: pink 
favorite musician: (of all time): tough call... I'm going to have to go with Celine Dion
favorite movie: love reese witherspoon & sandra bullock... i pretty much love anything they have ever done. But, I'd say Miss Congenality is my ultimate fave! 
favorite song: of the moment.... "I Will Not Be Moved"- Natalie Grant. 
favorite song lyric: geesh..... that's a tough one. 
If I could have any other job it would be: I probably would want to plan fabulous events and get paid for it!
I wish: I had endless amounts of time and resources to travel places with Orion, get my Master's degree, take classes and be with my family. 

Okay peeps, here's who I'm tagging: Jessie, Kait, Mrs. B, Alicia Marie


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