January 19, 2010

[DIY} Custom Onesies

Week #1
Be Creative Challenge

I completed my first two projects of this challenge but due travels and being away I'm just now getting to posting these projects. So here's week #1:

Custom Onesies
1. I bought iron on transfer paper from Wal-Mart (you can buy this anywhere though) Then made my design and printed them.
2. I trimmed them down to square size and then again, around the words to get a close edge.
3. Placed them on the onesie, (I used ones that were given to me as a gift) and ironed them for 60-80 seconds.
4. Let them cool completely, till they are no longer hot to the touch.

Aren't they cute?!!! I love how they turned out! I'm excited for her to wear them with a cute matching headband I made for her with red flowers.


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