January 2, 2010

Custom Crib Skirt

I've gotten a lot of questions/comments on the crib skirt I made for Baby G, and I thought I'd give you all a little insight into just how I made the crib skirt. It really is so easy, anyone can make their own custom crib skirt for their babes!

What You'll Need:
Fabric (any pattern of your choosing)
Heat n Bond (below)
Measuring Tape
Iron/Ironing Board
Self Sticking Velcro
You can buy this at any craft store

First, you'll need to measure each side of your crib; height & width. Write down the measurements and convert them to yards, so you can buy your fabric. Make sure to leave at least an inch per side to allow for the sewing, or bonding. Also, note that you'll need to measure from the crib rails to the floor, since you'll be attaching it to the rails later you'll need it to be long enough. 3ft= 1 yd.

Next, go to any fabric store and purchase the fabric. I had them cut each panel according to the measurements, to make it easy once you get home you won't have to re measure and cut panels for each side. I choose to do just 3 panels for the front and two sides. Since you're not going to see the back one since it's up against the wall, this was easiest. You may do whatever you like though.

Here's the fabric we choose
Then, once you get home set up your ironing board, and turn your iron onto the cotton setting. All you have to do is make your seams, fold over an inch of fabric and iron to make your marks. Then roll out the heat n bond and do exactly what the directions tell you to do. You just apply heat and then rip the backing off, and apply your fabric over it. Do this for as many panels as you have.
I added the ribbon detail to each panel, using the same process. But you may do whatever you like to jazz up the panels or leave them as you have them.
Lastly, affix it to your crib. I decided to use self sticking Velcro, this way as we move the mattress we can just take off the panels easily. Just figure out how many Velcro strips you want/need and apply them to the fabric. Before ripping off the backing do a test run and make sure they go on the crib rails where you'd like them to be.
That's it! Pretty simple & beautiful! If you have any questions leave me a comment or write me at andreaworley@live.com and I'll be happy to answer any other questions.


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