January 18, 2010

Iowa Baby Shower

This past Wednesday, my Sister and Mom hosted a baby shower for me in Iowa where we grew up. They thought of every detail and made it really special for me. There was cake with Ava's name on it, yummy food, family and friends! They really did a great job matching the colors and theme of her nursery it was really pretty.

We played a couple games. One in which they tore off crate paper streamers to guesstimate how round my belly was. My Sister in Law Jessie actually won this game and came closest.

I got a lot of really great gifts, plus lots and lots of diapers and wipes which I appreciate very much! Thank you to my Mom & Sister hosting a great shower to me. And to all the wonderful friends & family who came that night to help me celebrate the birth of our first daughter, Ava!

A few pictures from that night:
Wooden letters handmade by my Sister. They are going to go perfect in her nursery! Didn't she do an amazing job?!!
My Sister & I
Opening a gift from Aunt Jessie
A really cute blanket made by Andrea Rouse

Natalie came close to my measurements.
Passing around crate paper streamers for the game.
The very cute cake in the shape of blocks with her name on it.
Cakes by Andrea Rouse, she does an amazing job! She did our wedding cake and I love the taste of her cakes!


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