January 4, 2010

Blog Roll Monday: She's Star Crossed

I'm sitting here sipping my herbal cinnamon tea, and writing about one of my favorite blogs. And that's what you need to do when you sit down to read She's Star Crossed, grab a cup of coffee or tea and get ready, because I know you'll want to sit and devour every post as soon as you start reading.

This is one of my favorite blogs, I love when a new post comes up in my reader, and I can't wait to read Mrs. B's thoughts for that day.

I met Mrs. B in college, we were friends' of friends'. I started reading her blog while she was posting on Myspace, and then when she switched to Blogger I followed her there. I love her unique writing sense, musings about life, home and family, and her creativity. All these things make me a faithful reader each week. After reading her blog for the last couple years now, I see that we have so much in common and similar interests, it makes me wish that we were even better friends during those college years.

Some of my fave features of her blog are her Bachelor/Bachelorette reviews. No on writes a review on these crazy antics quite like Mrs. B. Stay tuned for her this season's remarks about Pilot Jake & his ladies. Her floor plan Saturdays & Frivolous Friday posts are always funny, cleaver and show beautiful things and people.

If you aren't a reader yet, click on the link above and get ready to fall in love with the adorable Mrs. B, Mr. B and their two adorable kiddos, with another on the way!

Happy Monday!

Photo credit: She's Star Crossed


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