January 29, 2010

[DIY} Custom Nursery Art

Remember these frames, well I turned them into custom nursery artwork for Ava's room. Here's how: (click on images to enlarge)
1. I used napkins that I swiped leftover from my baby shower, but you could use anything you want [note cards, wrapping paper, wallpaper, etc.]
2. Next, I used card stock to put behind it as a backing, since my napkins were a little flimsy.
3. I tapped the napkins to the card stock and trimmed the excess.
4. We're done, and ready to put into the frames.
5. I slipped the finished card stock w/ the napkin attached into the frames.
6. Put the backing on the frames & secured it.
7. Finished, and all ready to hang on the walls.

Here's what they look like all hung above the bed in the nursery. Don't they look fantastic, simple and chic?! I love how they turned out, just like I pictured them.

Total Cost: FREE (since I already had all the items in my house)

Be Creative Challenge
Week #4

Next week's challenge hint: think rocking chair


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