January 18, 2010

Trip Home to Iowa

Our trip home to Iowa was a lot of fun, it was great to see family & friends and spend time with them. The week home was jam packed with tons of things to do between the baby shower and wedding festivities it was busy! But, so much fun.

Monday, I went to lunch with my Sister and future Sister in Law. We let my brother come along too. It was fun to get to spend some time together before the wedding. We also worked on wedding favors that day.

Tuesday, we had a BIG birthday bash for my other brother who turns 19 this week. I'm glad we could celebrate with him while we were home.

Wednesday, was my baby shower in IA that my Sister & Mom hosted for me. More to come on that later (with pictures)

Thursday, was low key hanging out and finishing up wedding stuff before the weekend wedding stuff hit.

Friday, we got up early and decorated the reception hall and church. Orion flew in, and we had the rehearsal and dinner for my Brother Sam and his fiance Jess.

Saturday, was the wedding of the year! That deserves a post all it's own! More to come.

Sunday, we woke up had breakfast together and then Sam & Jessie opened their wedding gifts. We spent the afternoon together before heading to the airport. Our flight to Dallas was delayed due to fog which made our layover only 30 minutes. We got into Phoenix around 8:45 pm, came home and pretty much crashed! I unpacked, and started to put away and wash all the baby stuff we got. And then we both headed to bed!

We had such a good week! It was awesome to see family. I miss them, and am trying my best to talk them all into moving West to AZ! But, it does make the times we see them all the more special and memorable!

I was thinking this trip would be the last time I see them until Ava is born. Crazy to think, but I'll be excited for visitors come March!

Here's some pictures from the week, to see more click here.
Sam & Jessie just days before getting hitched!
Late night snowmobile ride!
Eating lunch at Taylor's Maid-Rite
Happy 19th Birthday Shawn!
Mom & I at lunch at Applebees!


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